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Jan 12

Offshore Injuries Attorney

Along with the rest of the Gulf Coast region, Texas is a hotspot for the offshore oil industry. Workers in this industry are often involved in construction, drilling, refining and other processes used in finding and producing crude oil or other natural resources. The petroleum industry is highly globalized, and as a result, market competition can force companies to increase production, speed and output of their goods and services at the risk of worker safety. Coupled with the fact that offshore workers deal with extremely dangerous conditions, equipment, machinery and potentially toxic chemicals, and the offshore oil industry's potential for accidents and injuries can be as high as the construction industry and industrial sector.

Seamen, dockworkers and other employees in the petrochemical or natural gas industry frequently suffer injuries due to unsafe conditions on offshore platforms, spars, barges and other various vessels. In addition, the drilling, transportation and refining sectors of the oil and gas industry injure and kill countless offshore and deep-water workers each year. Our firm wants to help these injured victims and their families put their lives back together and make sure that these companies are held accountable for their negligence.

Offshore jobs are notorious for being one of the most dangerous occupations, and although many regulations have been constructed to protect workers, many are still routinely injured and they often receive inadequate compensation. In fact, the US Chemical Safety Board has recently announced a heightened investigation and analysis of the oil and gas industry's offshore safety practices throughout the Gulf Coast. This is an excellent way to reduce offshore injuries, but when they do occur, offshore workers still need legal representation to fight for their right to be fairly compensated.

Offshore Workers: Protect Your Rights The Ferguson Law Firm, P.C. wants to help the victims injured in offshore accidents take the steps to ensure that there are fairly compensated. By filing a personal injury claim with the help of an attorney from our firm, you may be able to receive compensation that will cover the medical care and treatment your injuries require, any lost wages or future earnings and the potential to be reimbursed for the pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment or quality of life you and your family may have experienced.

Our firm has a reputation of success and has recovered compensation for injured victims in the tens of millions. Our experience, work ethic and dedication to our clients has made our firm stand out from the rest. Time is an important factor in these personal injury cases and we urge you to fill out a free online case evaluation or contact the firm as soon as possible to discuss your case and how we can help.