Insurance Companies Make their Money by Saying “No” to Your Claim

Feb 16

Insurance Companies Make their Money by Saying “No” to Your Claim

Insurance Companies Make their Money by Saying “No” to Your Claim

The great majority of companies that own or operate large trucks have some form of business liability insurance to cover them when the inevitable accident happens to them. Many of you hold the misconception that the trucking insurance compensation process is quick and relatively easy to manage; “all you have to do is file a claim and wait for that inevitable, and fair, compensatory check.” We beg to strenuously differ. personal Injury Law - Insurance clain denial Insurance companies are in the business of taking-in premiums and paying out as little as absolutely necessary in claims. Since insurance accidents involving large commercial trucks can involve huge sums of money when it comes to damage claims, much greater than your personal car insurance, the insurance company’s main focus is to keep from paying you fairly, and increase its high profits. So it comes as no surprise that insurance companies deny every claim possible, whenever possible and for as long as possible. Without the right attorney on your side, collecting a fair settlement from an insurance company ends up being a frustrating and befuddling challenge that is not for the faint-of-heart. While the Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Codes provide the right for someone who has been injured in a trucking accident or the family of one who was killed to seek compensation for the harm done, the law doesn’t say reimbursement is automatically granted when a victim claims an injury. This is how insurance companies lull injured victims into a sense of false security. Then they spring the trap with their denial of your claim and then dare you to do something about it; especially if you don’t have an experienced large truck attorney to manage this matter. insurance claims As the plaintiff, you (and your attorney) must first prove the liability of those responsible for the accident and the serious injuries you and your family suffered from that accident. Furthermore, in any liability case, the plaintiff holds the burden of proof. You must clearly show that the compensation requested is a fair assessment of those damages you are asking of the defendant. The insurance company - and the lawyers who represent them - do everything possible to deny your plaintiff-claim, or argue that the level of restitution you seek is excessive and unreasonable.
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Have you been injured in a trucking accident? Our trucking accident attorneys and attorneys from a personal injury litigation firm have joined forces to assist truck accident victims throughout the state. If Your Accident Was in Texas - Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer @ - Free Consultation - Available 24/7 We have more than five decades of legal experience helping people injured in truck crashes. We represent those injured in logging truck accidents, as well as handle trucking accidents involving swerving to avoid road hazards/debris falling from other vehicles. By pooling our extensive resources, we are able to provide quality personal injury representation to those who need it most after any type of trucking accident. We have helped thousands of clients receive tens of millions of dollars in financial recovery. Do not wait another day to learn how we can put our experience to work for you.

Investigating Truck Accidents

Interstate truckers driving 18-wheelers and tractor-trailers are covered by federal trucking regulations, which require a different level of investigation. It is critical to retain an attorney with the experience and resources necessary to effectively investigate your case. We work with Texas state troopers, accident reconstruction experts, roadway experts and other investigative experts to discover the causes of truck accidents. If you have been hurt by a commercial vehicle, there may be a number of responsible parties — the truck driver, the trucking company and potentially the company that hired the trucker. By thoroughly investigating your claim, we uncover all available sources of compensation.
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Personal Injury Lawyers – Accident Attorneys

Personal Injury Lawyers - Accident Attorneys

Anyone who spends time in a car knows that cars are far from the only form of transportation. People moving around in all sorts of ways must share the compressed space that exists in the city. As a result of this crowded reality, accidents occur every day that necessitate the help of experienced injury lawyers. Below is a look at some of the different types of accidents that can occur in and the dangers present in each. Auto Accidents Auto accidents remain the most common type of collisions that take place in , and these accidents can include collisions involving private vehicles, taxi cabs and police cruisers among others. Auto accidents are extremely violent occurrences that usually lead to at least one accident attorneys Trucking Accidents Truckers have a difficult job, as they must navigate enormous vehicles that can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. This is especially difficult where traffic and general congestion only add to this difficulty. When trucking accidents occur, they often leave a wake of devastation behind given the massive size and force generated by these vehicles. Bus Accidents Bus accidents occur in with alarming regularity, and these accidents can include vehicles that include city buses, charter buses that are common with tourists and school buses. Much like large trucks, buses are enormous vehicles that are difficult to maneuver at close range, which means that collisions involving these vehicles tend to result in multiple injuries. Motorcycles are generally a good option, especially during the warmer months. They offer economic efficiency, easier parking and increased maneuverability through traffic. However, motorcyclists are also completely exposed to the elements around them, which means that when a crash occurs there is little to protect them from serious injuries. Bicyclists are also a common sight and those who use this mode of transportation often make this choice for many of the same reasons as those who drive motorcycles. However, bicyclists are even more vulnerable to serious injuries than motorcyclists. They are just as exposed to injury, but they are not able to avoid collisions given their lack of acceleration capabilities. Almost any visitor to will marvel at the number of people out walking the streets at any given time. While there is generally safety in numbers, packs of people crossing busy streets is a common sight, and those who do so face the possibility of being seriously harmed by larger, faster and sturdier vehicles at any given time. Clearly, the number of ways in which someone can be injured by a traffic collision in is high. If you or someone you love has been injured in any way by someone else, you need the help of experienced auto accident lawyers who understand what it takes to successfully fight for justice for those who need the help. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation for a car accident attorney