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11 Jul    Personal Injury Law

Injured in an accident?
If you, a loved one or a family member have been injured in an accident as a result of someone else’s negligence, you need legal representation. This Law Firm, is committed to help residents of Conroe and The Woodlands fight for their rights to be fairly compensated. Whether your injury or illness was caused by a defective product, a dangerous drug or it was the result of an accident, you may be eligible to receive monetary compensation by filing a personal injury claim. Our firm has the experience, dedication and unparalleled individual attention to set us apart from other personal injury firms.

A Different Kind of Firm
Our firm makes it a point not to fall into the disinterested and impersonal habits that are common in many other personal injury law firms. We know that each case is different and that injured clients deserve to be treated as individuals. While many other firms have the same approach to handling cases, we know that there is no one size fits all when it comes to properly and strategically working with personal injury claims. Most accident attorneys settle for compensation too quickly and are more concerned with moving cases than trying to build each case up to its full potential. At our Law Firm,, we know that personal is the most important word in personal injury.

With more than 40 years of combined experience and recovered compensation totaling tens of millions of dollars, we know our compassion and down home, client-focused style gets results. Our excellent Avvo™ rating, highly regarded trial success rate and exceptional reputation from industry peers don’t gratify us nearly as much as helping injured victims put their lives back together. We have strong community ties to Montgomery County and genuinely wish to help injured residents. We really do love what we do for a living.

If you decide to choose us to represent you during your personal injury claim, you can be confident that you will get the personal interest you want, and the experienced, aggressive legal advocacy you need. Our experience, work ethic and dedication to each and every client are unrivaled in the personal injury legal field. We go the extra mile to make ourselves accessible, take pride in our willingness to answer those middle of the night emergency calls and respond quickly to clients. We also work on contingency fees because we want to make it clear that money and success mean nothing without client satisfaction.

Aggressively Fighting for Fair Compensation
We handle every new assignment on a case by case basis and offer free online case evaluations and initial consultations for as long as it takes to establish the facts. Once we have the facts, we waste no time in closely investigating, preserving evidence and collecting witness statements. We are not satisfied with settling for unfair compensation, and we never try to push a settlement offer on a client. If your case involves construction accidents, industrial accidents or offshore injuries, our firm will fight for your right to fair compensation.

No matter the nature of your accident, nursing home neglect or premises liability case, we are willing to listen and we will do our best to bring your case to a favorable resolution. We have no aversion to bringing cases to the trial phase, and when we do, juries generally relate and side with us. You can rest easy knowing we aggressively tend to your needs.

First-Rate Auto Accident Attorneys
We know auto accidents are the leading cause of injuries and fatalities for Americans and we have heard countless stories from clients struggling to deal with these traumatic experiences. Our firm is highly experienced in representing victims injured in trucking accidents and motorcycle accidents and is familiar with the ways that insurance companies assess damages and compensate victims. Often, insurance companies and adjustors do everything in their power to avoid over-paying and we want to put an end to injured victims and families being undercompensated.

A recent auto accident case that stands out for us involved a woman whose husband was permanently disabled after a drunk driver wrecked his vehicle. A local bar had severely over served the driver moments before. As a result of the drunk driver and irresponsible bar, the wife was left to take care of her paralyzed husband and their small children. Fortunately, we were able obtain a substantial recovery that compensated his family for the life changing injuries they suffered.

Whether your motor vehicle accident involves a train or railroad accident, or if it involves a drunk driver and dram shop liability laws, we know how to work with a variety of situations. By bringing your case to the qualified personal injury attorneys at our firm, you can greatly reduce your risk of being undercompensated. Hiring us will allow you to focus on recovery while we do the hard work. Do not let this unfortunate situation end negatively.

Hire a Lawyer from Our Firm
We want you to see why our clients, industry peers and other law firms continually recommend our services to people in need. Our firm takes your case personally and wants you to know that you do have a voice when it comes to being repaid for the damages you suffered due to someone else’s negligence. If you want to take the steps toward fair compensation, it is highly recommended that you contact us as soon as possible after your accident in order to strengthen your case. Our Law Firm is here for you.

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