Offshore Injuries Attorney

Offshore Injuries Attorney

Along with the rest of the Gulf Coast region, Texas is a hotspot for the offshore oil industry. Workers in this industry are often involved in construction, drilling, refining and other processes used in finding and producing crude oil or other natural resources. The petroleum industry is highly globalized, and as a result, market competition can force companies to increase production, speed and output of their goods and services at the risk of worker safety. Coupled with the fact that offshore workers deal with extremely dangerous conditions, equipment, machinery and potentially toxic chemicals, and the offshore oil industry's potential for accidents and injuries can be as high as the construction industry and industrial sector.

Seamen, dockworkers and other employees in the petrochemical or natural gas industry frequently suffer injuries due to unsafe conditions on offshore platforms, spars, barges and other various vessels. In addition, the drilling, transportation and refining sectors of the oil and gas industry injure and kill countless offshore and deep-water workers each year. Our firm wants to help these injured victims and their families put their lives back together and make sure that these companies are held accountable for their negligence.

Offshore jobs are notorious for being one of the most dangerous occupations, and although many regulations have been constructed to protect workers, many are still routinely injured and they often receive inadequate compensation. In fact, the US Chemical Safety Board has recently announced a heightened investigation and analysis of the oil and gas industry's offshore safety practices throughout the Gulf Coast. This is an excellent way to reduce offshore injuries, but when they do occur, offshore workers still need legal representation to fight for their right to be fairly compensated.

Offshore Workers: Protect Your Rights The Ferguson Law Firm, P.C. wants to help the victims injured in offshore accidents take the steps to ensure that there are fairly compensated. By filing a personal injury claim with the help of an attorney from our firm, you may be able to receive compensation that will cover the medical care and treatment your injuries require, any lost wages or future earnings and the potential to be reimbursed for the pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment or quality of life you and your family may have experienced.

Our firm has a reputation of success and has recovered compensation for injured victims in the tens of millions. Our experience, work ethic and dedication to our clients has made our firm stand out from the rest. Time is an important factor in these personal injury cases and we urge you to fill out a free online case evaluation or contact the firm as soon as possible to discuss your case and how we can help.

Premises Liability Attorney

For the purpose of premises liability laws, any land, building or business open to the public is considered a property. As such, property owners, managers or operators are legally obligated to provide safe and healthy conditions for all visitors or guests. If a guest is injured while on the property of another, they may be eligible to receive compensation if there is reasonable proof of negligence or other form of a wrongful act on behalf of the property owner. Some common forms for injury-causing accidents and conditions for which property owners must be held liable include poorly maintained walkways, wet or slippery floors, stagnant water, falling objects, holes, defective products or equipment on premises, insufficient lighting, inadequate security and hazardous or toxic conditions, among others.

Property owners must also provide warnings, signs or other forms of public notifications if there are possible dangers located on their premises. Property owners are also responsible for the routine maintenance and inspection of their premises for unsafe conditions, and must also comply with numerous regulations and procedures and their documentation. Land owners are not usually responsible for trespassers or visitors who stray onto off-limits areas, but in the event that a child is involved or injured, property possessors may still be held liable for their failure to warn, repair or protect children from harm.

Third Party Premises Liability Premises liability laws have become involved in situations and cases where a person is injured by the negligence of a third-party or individual while on another's premises. Third party premises liability cases typically consist of assaults, battery and other wrongful acts. In some cases, inadequate security or dram shop liability laws will hold property owners equally responsible for the injuries of victims. These cases can be extremely difficult to handle because they regularly involve dense and complicated areas of liability laws and because such legal issues are highly debated. If your injury involves a third party while on the premises of another, legal aid is almost essential when dealing with highly intricate legal realms and determining the extent of negligence for the multiple parties involved.

Tough Litigators Will Fight for You Liability cases vary according to the situation, property involved and the nature of the injury-causing accident. The Ferguson Law Firm, P.C. is well versed with the often complicated premises liability laws and the common tactics and strategies companies, corporations and property owners use to deflect liability allegations. Given the complexity of premises liability cases, having legal assistance when you file a personal injury claim can greatly reduce your risk of being unfairly compensated. By working closely with you, the firm can employ the successful elements a premises liability case by:

  • Collecting necessary facts and information
  • Conducting independent investigations
  • Determining the conditions and risk assessment of properties
  • Evaluating the nature of accident and injury involved
  • Determining the extent of premises owners' negligence

You can be confident that our firm will go above and beyond other firms in our efforts to provide you with the best possible outcome and fair compensation. In the event that a large business entity is involved, we are prepared to handle the trial process as well as the large amount of resources and qualified legal teams companies commonly employ. With more than 40 years of combined experience and compensation in the tens of millions recovered for our clients, we are confident in our abilities and will take your case personally. If you wish to discuss the nature of an injury that you or your loved one suffered due to the negligence of a premises owner or unsafe conditions on another's property, fill out a case evaluation form or contact the firm as soon as possible to begin defending your right to be fairly compensated.